We are Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship, a community of Christian university students who are devoting themselves to Jesus, his Community, and His Kingdom.


Our Mission

We are a community of university students who share the common purpose to reconcile students to Christ. Though Chi Alpha is a great place for students to find support and strength through the challenges of college life, our primary goal is to bring the love and compassion of Jesus to our campuses.

Our hope for students

You may not have given much thought to the next 50 years of your life, but we have. We realize that students pass through college in just a few quick years and that what happens in college will often shape the rest of their lives.  There are three things that we hope every student receives before they graduate from the Chi Alpha community.

A life of Devotion:

A life with God, and a life for God. We want every student to know what it means to have an authentic relationship with God.

A Life With Community:

As the "Body of Christ" we all have a role to play. God never intended for us to journey alone. Together, we will always be encouraged, fulfilled, and loved.

A Life For God's Kingdom:

Above all, the most important thing to God is restored relationship with his people. When we learn to see as God sees, we learn to love what God loves.