National Fine Arts Festival | Orlando, Florida 

July 28 - August 5

We will be serving our Assemblies of God youth this summer at the National Fine Arts Festival in Orlando, Florida. Together we will road trip from Denton, TX to the convention center in Orlando where we will serve as the event’s volunteers. This is a project that we have partnered with for the past 15 years. Not only has it been a special experience for those who participate on the adventure, but it also creates a great opportunity for youth in our movement to be exposed to the mission of Chi Alpha on their future campus. We hope you will consider joining us on this fun excursion.

Fine Arts Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where will we be staying in Orlando?

    Historically, when this event has taken place, we have lodged in one of the Rosen Hotels adjacent to Convention Center West. These are large, full service hotels with abundant access to all types of amenities. Each of these hotels is attached to the convention center with a sky-bridge walkway.

On the way to and from Orlando, we will make plans to lodge at an affordable hotel midway on the journey to provide rest and safety for our travelers. Historically, we have stayed at hotels like La Quinta which provide breakfast for our volunteers.

  • What is include in my registration fee?

    The registration fee for all volunteers includes:

    • travel expenses (gas) for the entirety of the trip.

    • 6 nights at a hotel in Orlando plus two nights at a hotel on travel days

    • All meals during the festival (lunches provided on site, other meals covered with daily per diem)

    • Chi Alpha merchandise

  • What kind of work do volunteers do?

    Volunteers help with pre-event assembly the day before the event and room directors during the event. This includes hosting the presentation rooms, managing in-flow and out-flow of the audience members, running evaluator sheets, quality control for scoring, set-up and break-down, as well as a variety of other “as needed” responsibilities.

    Volunteers can expect to work 9-10 hour days (8 AM - 6 PM) with an hour lunch break. Generally, evenings are free for volunteers to make plans of their own.

  • How are we getting to Orlando?

    We will be caravaning to Orlando together. If we are able, we will drive a passenger van to include as many students as possible. Likely, we will ask students to volunteer to bring their own vehicle to help with transportation.

  • What do I need to do to register?