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A role-playing game of conquest that brings people together.

Kingdoms is a six day role-playing game that pins four families against one another to accomplish the end goal of becoming the Ruling Kingdom. The purpose of the game is to bring together people, who would likely never have become friends, into one of four families (Kingdoms) and accomplish a common goal: to defeat opposing Kingdoms. Each Kingdom will score points by:

1. by eliminating opposing players by searching them out in everyday life and successfully tagging them, and

2. By completing special cooperative objectives posted each day. The Kingdom who earns the most points at the end of the 6th day, wins the game.

This game is great for those with a competitive side, as well as for those who are more passive and would rather just share a living room and a meal with friends. 

The game begins February 1, 2017.

Learn the rules of the game here.