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Genuine community through simulated death

Objective: To rally with others in your Kingdom through collaboration and strategy to accumulate the most points by eliminating opposing Kingdoms players, completing "quests", and collecting "Bounties". The Kingdom with the most points after the week is through becomes ruler of all.

Game Date: Feb 1-6

Cost to play: $10 | must pay through xadenton.com/kingdoms and complete payment and waiver.

Names of 4 Kingdoms: Albion, Dragone, Curata Niss, Florin


  • The game begins with each Monarch (King/Queen) recruiting and assembling their Kingdom. Each member of the Kingdom has an assigned point value. A "Knight" is worth 200 points. A "Duke" or "Duchess" is worth 400 points, and a "Monarch" is worth 600 points. Each Kingdom will have (1) Monarch, (3) Duke's/Duchess, and an unlimited number of Knights.
  • There are three methods of accumulating points as a Kingdom. 
  1. By tracking down affiliates of other Kingdoms and eliminating them by tagging them with a white plastic picnic spoon. The tagger and the one who was tagged will each notify their Monarch who will then notify the game maker.  A profile picture of each participant will be listed at xadenton.com/kingdoms.
  2. By completing Kingdom Quests as assigned each day by the game maker: There will be one quest given early afternoon, and one quest given early evening. Each quest will have a point value reward for the winning Kingdom.
  3. Collecting "Bounties" on "Raiders" by tracking them down and eliminating them from play by tagging them with a white plastic picnic spoon. The tagging kingdom will send a photo or video to the game-maker to verify.
  • Only a Duke/Duchess, or Monarch is capable of tagging opposing players within residence halls (common areas, cafeterias, and living rooms only--no corridors). Knights can be tagged in residence halls, but cannot tag other players.
  • All participants are protected from being tagged in the following places.
    • Inside an active classroom. (Buildings are not safe, only classrooms when class is in session.)
    • At work. (Also safe in route to work, but not safe once player has left work)
    • At church. (Also safe in route to church and in route home from church)
    • University residence hall wings. (Only the corridors to the dorm rooms. Common areas, lobbies, and cafeterias are not safe)
    • Castles: on the grounds and the front parking lot of all castles are safe for your kingdom. Castles will be listed online.
    • All other homes are not safe unless you are inside your home/apartment unit. If you cross the threshold of the doorway with any part of your body you are no longer considered safe.
    • Any other space as determined by the game-maker as needed.
  • All disputes must be handled between disputing Kingdoms. A penalty will be given if the game-maker is required for intervention.  
  • All questions should be directed to a kingdom Monarch.