A role playing game that brings people together.


Objective: To rally with others in your Kingdom through collaboration and strategy to accumulate the most points. The Kingdom with the most points after the week is through becomes ruler of all.

Game Date: Jan 30 - Feb 4

Cost to play: $10 

Names of Kingdoms: Albion, Dragone, Curata Niss, Florin, Novalux


  • The game begins with the assembly of each Kingdom. A "Knight" is worth 20 points. A "Duke" or "Duchess" is worth 40 points, and a "Monarch" is worth 60 points. Each Kingdom will have (1) Monarch, (3) Duke's/Duchess, and an unlimited number of Knights based on however many choose to align with each Kingdom.

  • POINTS: Throughout the course of the game, each Kingdom will earn points by completing quests posted on this site and by tagging opposing players with a white plastic spoon.

  • QUESTS: Quests will be posted twice per day. One quest will be offered between 11:30 AM and 12:30 PM, and the other between 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM. In order for quests to be completed for points, at least 3 Kingdom members must be present.

  • Once a player has been tagged by an individual from an opposing Kingdom, they are no longer capable of tagging any other opposing players. However, tagged players are able to contribute to the completion of quests.

  • Only a Duke/Duchess, or Monarch is capable of tagging opposing players within residence halls (common areas, cafeterias, and living rooms only--no corridors). Knights can be tagged in residence halls, but cannot tag other players.

  • All participants are protected from being tagged in the following places.

    • Inside an active classroom. (Buildings are not safe, only classrooms when class is in session.)

    • At work. (Also safe in route to work, but not safe once player has left work)

    • At church. (Church services only. Also safe in route to church and in route home from church)

    • University residence hall wings. (Only the corridors to the dorm rooms. Common areas, lobbies, and cafeterias are not safe)

    • Castles: on the grounds and the front parking lot of all castles are safe for your kingdom. Castles will be listed online.

    • All other homes are not safe unless you are inside your home/apartment unit. If you cross the threshold of the doorway with any part of your body you are no longer considered safe.

    • Any other space as determined by the game-maker as needed.

  • SCORING: If you complete a tag of an opposing player, or if you are tagged by an opposing player, you must immediately notify your monarch. Tags must be confirmed by both Kingdoms. Points will be totaled at the end of each day.

  • The Kingdom Monarch is responsible for all questions, disputes, or concerns.

  • The Director of the game will appoint an ambassador to each of the Kingdoms. The ambassadors do not hold point values and will not assist on quests. These ambassadors are given to act as counselors to provide clarification to the rules, to assure order to the game, and to act as the representative from the Director.


Updated at the end of each day



Curata Niss:

Curata Niss:






Announced when game play begins.


Raiders are dangerous and unpredictable foes. They choose opportune times while knights are out fighting, to pillage villages and kingdoms. They must be stopped. Caves where these raiders are hiding in have been discovered and mapped. Locate them by tracking down their hideout. Each Kingdom that captures (a picture with) a raider will earn points for their nation. The first team to post a picture of a Raider with at least three members of their Kingdom to KINGDOMS 2019 Facebook group earns the bounty reward.

Timeline: Until captured

Point Value: Various