In Chi Alpha, Life Groups are the most important thing we do.

We believe that no one was meant to live life alone. Life Groups offer you the opportunity to be a part of a community, a family of students that truly share life together. Each week we study Scripture, learn from one another, and pray for each other, but that’s just the beginning.

The relationship you will form in these groups extend beyond the boundaries of the specific timeframe of the group. Our desire at Chi Alpha is not to get you to sign up for another Bible study, but to be involved in a life-giving community of brothers or sisters that encourage you, support you, and fight for you through every success and struggle you come across in your years at Chi Alpha and beyond.

When do life groups meet?

We have lots of groups that meet throughout each week. In most cases, groups will meet on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evenings. We can help you find one that fits your schedule with the the form listed here.


 What can I expect in a Life Group?

  • Each Life Group is led by a student or CMIT who believes in the mission of Chi Alpha: to lead others into relationship with Jesus.

  • Leaders facilitate the group with conversational teaching where you can openly discuss the topic together.

  • Groups often include meals or snacks; food always brings people together.

  • Life Groups create an opportunity to develop meaningful friendships with other students who are on the same journey.

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