What Is A Chi Alpha Residency (or CMIT)?

The Chi Alpha Residency is a post-graduate training experience for those who feel called to vocational ministry on campus, overseas, or in the local church. CMIT stands for Campus Missionary-in-Training and is a National Chi Alpha program designed to equip and train our future leaders.

The ultimate goal of a Chi Alpha CMIT is to offer an authentic place of growth in preparation for vocational ministry. A resident joins a Chi Alpha ministry team as a coworker under training where they will learn both the academic and practical aspects of ministry. This program is specifically designed to develop a person's character, intellect, and ministry skills.

To promote character growth (which is Scripture's overwhelming concern for pastoral leaders; see 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1), each resident will be personally directed by a staff pastor. Residents meet with their pastoral leader for prayer and discussions that touch on the attitudes, disciplines, and expression of our lives as ministers.

Each resident will have significant opportunities to teach from Scripture in a variety of settings. Each resident will lead a small group dedicated to Bible study, prayer and practical training. Additionally, residents are challenged to mature in their understanding of evangelism, administration, counseling, and personal character.

How do I know if a residency is right for me?

The secular university offers a diverse backdrop of ministry opportunity, perfect for broad exposure of ministry experience. This program is designed as an intensive and thorough impartation of ministerial authority, not just on the university campus, but beyond it to the worldwide mission field and the local church. Residents who engage as CMITs are willing to be stretched and broken by the Lord as He prepares them for a career in ministry. Therefore, only those who are willing to begin with pure surrender and trust in Jesus should apply for this program.


What requirements are there to become a chi alpha Resident?

  • A bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university.

  • A willingness to commit 10 months of full-time service to Chi Alpha ministry.

  • A willingness to raise full financial partnership for the duration of the the program

  • A willingness to fulfill all application requirements.

  • A willingness to be immersed in secular campus ministry.


 How do residency finances work?

Each resident is responsible for raising his or her personal budget. This is done through seeking financial partners through personal friends, family, and others who would like to invest in God's work on the secular university. If you are approved to become a CMIT, you will be attend fundraising training to equip you for the process. A residency candidate should anticipate a monthly budget of $1,800 per month as well as a $1,800 initial tuition payment.

All funds are managed through a national account at the central office of the Assemblies of God and Chi Alpha in Springfield, Missouri. All partners will submit gifts through your national account. You will then receive a monthly deposit from all gifts contributed. All gifts are tax deducible and donors will be receipted by the Assemblies of God for their contributions.

When does the residency start? When should I apply?

The program follows a traditional academic calendar (August - May). Residents are required to report at the end of July. Graduation takes place at the end of May.

To give proper margin for the application process and placement, residency candidates should submit applications by the end of January preceding their desired start date. The final due date for applications is February 15th.

How do I apply for the CMIT program?

The best thing to do before you apply is to speak with your Chi Alpha campus pastor. If you don't have a Chi Alpha pastor, send us an email at info@xadenton.com to allow us to help you through the process.

The next thing you should do is complete the application below. There are a series of components to the application process, so make sure you read the instructions thoroughly. For further information and frequently asked questions about the Chi Alpha CMIT program, visit chialpha.com/internship.